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K's Special Roll

1. Mountain Roll
(Grilled tuna, crab meat, wasabi, and avocado wrapped with seaweed, deep fried, with spicy mayo, eel sauce, hot sauce and scallion)
raw2. Rainbow Roll
(Crab meat, cucumber, avocado wrapped w. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and white fish)
3. Dragon Roll
(Barbecue eel, cucumber, topped with a layer of avocado)
4. Dynamite Roll
(Salmon, asparagus, crab meat, deep fried w. Spicy mayo)
raw5. Lovely Heart Roll
(Spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail mixed, avocado and crunch inside, wrapped w. Pink soybean nori, served w. Eel sauce and spicy mayo)
raw6. Crazy Roll
(Spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon mixed, crunch, avocado inside, wrapped w. sliced of mango, topped w. mango sauce and tobiko)
raw7. Fantastic Roll
(Pan seared tuna and avocado, topped w. Spicy tuna)
raw8. Heaven Roll

(Spicy tuna and crunch inside, topped w. tuna, shrimp, avocado, served w. tempura flakes and chef's special hot sauce.)
9. Black Angel Roll
(Shrimp tempura w. crab meat and black caviar on top with strawberry sauce)
10. Yummy Yummy Roll

(shrimp tempura, fried white fish, spicy crab and avocado wrap with soy paper eel sauce on top)
raw11. Pink Spider Roll
(spicy tuna, soft hell crab, avocado and masago wrapped w. Pink soybean nori, served with eel sauce and spicy mayo)
raw12. Super Tobiko Roll
(Spicy tuna, crunch and avocado inside, topped with three colors tobiko)
13. Four Leaf Clover Roll
(Shrimp tempura, spicy crab meat, avocado and fresh basil leaf, wrapped with green soybean nori, topped w. eel sauce and spicy mayo)
raw14. Four Colors Roll
(spicy tuna and cucumber inside top with salmon, tuna, white fish and yellowtail.)
15. Black Pepper Tuna Roll
(spicy crab, seaweed salad, cucumber inside w. Seared tuna and avocado on top serve with wasabi mayo.)
raw16. Volcano Roll
(The best selling lightly battered on the outside shrimp tempura roll & topped w. spicy tuna, served with spicy mayo)
17. Dancing Eel Roll
(Eel, avocado, asparagus, crab meat, deep fried, with chef's special sauce, masago, and scallion)
18. Lobster King Crab Roll
(Lobster tail tempura, Alaskan king crab, avocado, cream cheese inside, wrapped w. Soybean nori, topped w. sweet chili and eel sauce)
19. King of Sea Roll
(Shrimp tempura inside, with Alaskan king crab on the top)
raw20. Springfield Roll

(Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, spicy tuna as first layer and avocado as second layer on top, served w. eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tobiko)
raw21. Lady Gaga Roll
(Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado inside w. fresh salmon, avocado on the top, served w. chef's special sauce)
raw22. Heat Roll
(Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, Jalapeno and eel inside, topped w. salmon, Japanese hot sauce and special sauce)

*Consuming raw or under-cooked food may increase your risk of food borne illness. Pleas inform your sever about the food allergy.
*Gratuity will be automatically added on to the check for party of 6 and more.